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les illusions d'optique incroyables   de superbes illusions d'optique
The aim of this chapter is to explain you the optical illusion through a gallery of more than 120 geometrical and artistic optical illusions.

optical illusions What is an optical illusion ?

Each point of the image formed at the retina is analyzed and then transmitted to the brain in the form of coded signals.
This is in theory similar for all.
In fact the visual zones of the brain analyze these signals and give us a representation of the perceived object.
Interpretation that makes the brain of it can sometimes be ambiguous and these mistakes in interpretation cause sometimes "optical illusions", which are not perceived in the same way by everyone.

example of optical illusionsExample of optical illusion :

Here is one of the most incredible illusions of the world : the illusion of E. Adelson called "Checker Shadow"

The grey of area A is rigorously the same than the grey of area B

3 categories :
The geometrical illusions
The artistic illusions
The world's best optical illusions


optical illusion of Adelson : checker shadow illusion

© Edward Adelson with his authorization

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geometrical optical illusions

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artistic optical illusions

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selection of the world's best optical illusions

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des illusions extraordinaires   les meilleurs illusions d'optique du monde

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