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des illusions de fou
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best color optical illusions To have the answer about the illusion : put your cursor on the picture

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What do you see between the squares? Grey?
What is the longest line ?
Which red round is bigger ?
optical illusion : however there is not.   optical illusion : they have all the same length   Optical illusion : They are of course perfectly identical
What is the longest line ?
Which is the longest bar ? The left one ?
optical illusion : they are exactly identical.     Optical illusion : they are of course perfectly the same
Which red segment on the left is aligned with the right one ?
Which square is bigger ?
 Fix well the center of the image while approaching you or while moving away you from your screen. A surprising effect will occur...
optical illusion : the low one   optical illusion : they are completely the same   optical illusions : the rings seem to turn...
        Author : Baingio Pinna
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