The best dynamic illusions
les meilleures illusions d'optique   les illusions d'optique incroyables
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best color optical illusions Silhouette illusion

A very impressive illusion created by Noboyushi Kayahara :

In what direction turn the dancing woman ?

The good anwer is : it depends !

If you focus your look, you could change the ballerina rotation direction from clockwise to counter clockwise.

This is your mind which control the direction of the ballerina.


Illusion made for Ophtasurf
Copyright Ophtasurf 2004 ©

Optical illusions : 3 dots
The 3 invisible dots
the stick optical illusion

Carefully stare the picture on the center of the 3 yellow dots without moving your eyes.

After a while, the yellow dots will disappear.

This is an impressive phenomenon of MIB (Motion Induced Blindness) whose properties have been extensively studied by Bonneh, Cooperman, and Sagi (see link below)

An illusion from © Yoram Bonneh, Alexander Cooperman and Dov Sagi


best color optical illusions Rotating Snakes

Carefully attach the cross in the center of the circle for several seconds.

Two dramatic phenomena will occur :

1) a yellow spot will be formed instead of blue spots.

2) if you do not blink, blue stains will all disappear.

This illusion illustrates the phenomenon of afterimage. Indeed, when the retina is subjected to saturation for several seconds to a light color is the complementary color that appears in the desaturation of photosensitive cells.

© Ophtasurf, 2000-2009, illusion created for Ophtasurf

© Ophtasurf, 2000-2009, optical illusion

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