The best optical illusions of form
les meilleures illusions d'optique   les illusions d'optique incroyables
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best color optical illusions Misleading Checkerwork

According to you, which red bar is largest ?
Is it the right one ? Of course not !

they are rigorously identical, check by moving the red bars with your cursor (below).

This is due to the perspective. The effect is increased by the checkerboard because we estimate the size of the red bars compared to the squares

You can move this to check by your self

best optical illusion of form

Click here to compare the 2 tables
best optical illusion of form
© Ophtasurf
The two tables illusion
the stick optical illusion

Are the two tables (blue areas) identical ?

This is unbelievable, the two blue areas A and B are absolutely identica !

There is no fake : when plate A is turned by 75 degrees it is completely identical to the plate B in length, width and form.

This is an artistic illusion and it is the design of the work which mislead us.

Moreover, the perspective makes us think that the two tables are different.


best color optical illusions Slipping Autumn

What is strange on this illusion especially created for Ophtasurf, all seems normal, not?

Click on the image to turn over it...

Caution ! that can shock ! This person turn monstrous when it is turned over!

In fact the mouth, the eyes and the eyebrows were turned over what does not shock when the image is reverse but gives a vision of horror as soon as it is turned over...



best optical illusion of form © Ophtasurf, created for Ophtasurf

Click here to turn over the picture © Ophtasurf


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