The best color illusions
les meilleures illusions d'optique   les illusions d'optique incroyables
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best color optical illusions Checker Shadow :

You will not believe your eyes !!!
The grey of area A is the same than the grey in area B.

Here, you can move area A with your cursor and check by yourself that the two areas are colored by a rigorously identical grey.


You can move this Area and check by yourself.
Best optical illusion checker shadow

This beautiful illusion is made by Edward Adelson, used with permission of the author.

crazy stick illusion
The stick seems to be composed of a color gradient.
A crazy stick
the stick optical illusion

Move this stick to check by yourself.

Here the stick (on the left), you can check by moving it with your cursor that it is nonmade up of a colour gradation as lets think the illusion.

The brain distinguishes the colors compared to their surrounding background, the stick appears clearer to us in top because the background is dark.



Click on the picture after having looked the 4 black spots during 30 secondsillusion du miracle

The miracle
the best illusions of the world

What represents this curious form ? A miracle ?

To discover what is hidden, attentively fix the 4 black spots on the center during 30 seconds, then click on the image while looking at it.

On the white zone which appears, you should see a famous character of the History (to accentuate the effect you can close or blink eyes).

This illusion, is due to retinal persistence. Indeed, if you reverse the colors of this image, you will see very clearly this character.



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